A new species of the parareptile genus <i>Delorhynchus</i>, based on articulated skeletal remains from Richards Spur, Lower Permian of Oklahoma

<div><p>ABSTRACT</p><p>Description of a new species of the parareptile genus <i>Delorhynchus</i> is based on a well-preserved partial subadult skeleton, an isolated adult skull, and disarticulated elements recently collected from the Lower Permian Richards Spur locality of Oklahoma, U.S.A. <i>Delorhynchus cifellii</i>, sp. nov., is distinguished from <i>Delorhynchus priscus</i> by the lack of an accessory articulating anterodorsal flange of the maxilla. The hypodigm of <i>Delorhynchus cifellii</i> reveals that <i>Delorhynchus</i> is distinguished from other parareptiles by cranial dermal sculpture consisting of a system of low, smooth tuberosities and a pattern of diffuse shallow, circular dimples. In a phylogenetic analysis of parareptiles, <i>Delorhynchus cifellii</i> is positioned as the sister species of Lanthanosuchoidea. Recognition of <i>Delorhynchus cifellii</i>, sp. nov., and its phylogenetic position among parareptiles highlights the significance of the Richards Spur locality in our understanding of the early evolutionary history of reptiles.</p><p>SUPPLEMENTAL DATA—Supplemental materials are available for this article for free at <a href="http://www.tandfonline.com/UJVP" target="_blank">www.tandfonline.com/UJVP</a></p></div>