A new furofuran lignan from <i>Piper terminaliflorum</i> Tseng

<p>The chemical investigation of whole plants <i>Piper terminaliflorum</i> Tseng led to the isolation of one new furofuran lignan, 7-methoxyasarinin (<b>1</b>), along with three known amide alkaloids (<b>2</b>–<b>4</b>) as <i>N</i>-3,5-dimethoxy-4-hydroxycinnamoylpyrrole (<b>2</b>), dihydropipercide (<b>3</b>) and 1-[(2<i>E</i>,4<i>E</i>,9<i>E</i>)-10-(3,4-Methylenedioxyphenyl)-2,4,9-undecatrienoyl]pyrrolidine (<b>4</b>). Their structures were elucidated by extensive spectroscopic analyses, including 1D, 2D NMR and HR-ESI-MS, and by comparison with the literature. Compounds (<b>2</b>–<b>4</b>) were isolated from <i>Piper terminaliflorum Tseng</i> for the first time. All isolated compounds (<b>1</b>–<b>4</b>) were evaluated for their cytotoxic activities against five human cancer cell lines (including A-549, SMMC-7721, HL-60, MCF-7 and SW-480).</p>