A decreased yield of RNP1, RNP2 and RNP5 formation in the presence of protein aGAR1 is counteracted by RNA-S

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Taken from "Reconstitution of archaeal H/ACA small ribonucleoprotein complexes active in pseudouridylation"

Nucleic Acids Research 2005;33(10):3133-3144.

Published online 2 Jun 2005


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(–) The radiolabeled Pab91 sRNA (50 fmol) was incubated at 65°C with individual proteins or protein combinations, as indicated above the panels, in the absence or the presence of protein aGAR1. All the proteins were used at a 200 nM concentration. The percentage of Pab91 sRNA in RNP1 (Panel A), RNP2 (Panel B), and RNP1 and RNP5 (Panel C), is given below the lanes. () Same experiment as in , lanes 6–9, with the L7Ae, aCBF5, aNOP10 and aGAR1 protein set, and RNA-S substrate when indicated on top of the lanes.