A contrast of shrub-open microclimatic conditions Peru

2014-10-09T12:34:24Z (GMT) by Diego Sotomayor Christopher Lortie
<p>A coastal desert plant community at Atiquipa, southern Peru during the growing season of 2011 between Aug 17 and Oct 4 was instrumented to record microenvironmental conditions. HOBO U-23 Pro-V2 (Temperature and Relative Humidity) and HOBO UA-002-64 (Light intensity and temperature) loggers were placed at the soil level under the canopy (within 0.5 m of the main stem) of Caesalpinia spinosa (shrub-tree) and in open adjacent areas (1-2 away from the dripline of C. spinosa). This information was recorded every 15 min. This dataset was used in Sotomayor et al. (2014), DOI: 10.1111/aec.12144.</p>