A commentary and correction on the article “Pansharpening by exploiting sharpness of the spatial structure”

<p>This study clarifies the implicit potential deficiency caused by the sparse cardinality parameter <i>k</i> in Rong et al. (2014). In addition, <i>k</i> = <i>β </i>× <i>W</i> × <i>M</i> × <i>N</i> (0.9 ≤ <i>β</i> <i><</i> 1) is suggested to avert this potential deficiency, where <i>β</i> is a ratio controlling the amount of sparse cardinality, <i>W</i> is the number of multispectral bands and <i>M</i> × <i>N</i> is the size of panchromatic image. With the choice of <i>k</i> suggested in this study, the low rank matrix <b>L</b> and sparse matrix <b>S</b> obtained by Go Decomposition (Zhou and Tao 2011) can be iteratively optimized and solved. Thus, instead of choosing <i>k</i> as <i>W</i> × <i>M</i> × <i>N</i> in Rong et al. (2014), the potential deficiency that <b>L</b> is directly obtained as an analytic solution can be averted.</p>