A Terceirização Precariza as Relações de Trabalho? O Impacto Sobre Acidentes e Doenças

2018-03-01T02:40:26Z (GMT) by Carlos Alberto Belchior
<p></p><p>In march 2017, a new regulamentation on outsourced contract relations passed presidential sanction. This bill increased the debate over the consequences of that kind of contract. The discussion, however, was not structurated on empirical basis, once it’s difficult to obtain data on brazilian outsourced workers. In this paper we try to fill this gap and test if outsourcing diminishes work safety, affecting the accidents suffered by the workers. We conclude that outsourcing decreases the probability of the worker having an accident, but increase the severity of the accidents. Further estimates suggest that our results were not driven for unobserved individual characteristics.</p><p></p>



CC BY 4.0