A Prompt, Tough and Eco-Friendly (PTOCO) System for Mini-Scale Extraction of Samples for Antioxidant Capacity Assays

<div><p>The compound extraction is an important step before analyzing composition of samples with antioxidant capacity. Several extraction conditions can be employed (temperature, polarity of solvent and extraction time, for example), and the chosen variables exert great influence upon final results. Thus, in order to execute an efficient extraction, it is needed to manage them with rigor. In this work, a new device was designed and tested. The Prompt, TOugh and eCO-friendly (PTOCO) system is the first equipment in mini-scale that allows a good control of antioxidants extraction conditions. It is a simple and cheap device that only needs small amounts of sample and solvent to obtain sufficient volumes of extract for application in routine analytical methods. Twenty experiments from an experimental design were executed using only 0.5 g of oregano and 60 mL of water. The total antioxidant capacity assays, as well as the mass spectra, confirmed the extraction efficiency.</p></div>