A Modeler's Tale

We created the movie for the <b>10<sup>th</sup> International CellML Workshop</b> June 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.<br><br>The video shows <i>Researcher 1 (GMT)</i>, who developed a model that may cure stupidity. He wants to share the simulation study with his collaborator <i>Researcher 2 (GMT+7)</i> to get some feedback. However, it turns out that sharing the simulation study is not that easy and <i>Researcher 2 (GMT+7)</i> is not able to reproduce the results of <i>Researcher 1 (GMT)</i> using <i>The Simulator.</i><br>Fortunately, <i>Supervisor</i> comes in to help <i>Researcher 1 (GMT).</i> He points <i>Researcher 1 (GMT)</i> to COMBINE archives. <b>A COMBINE archive is a container format meant to organise and annotate all files necessary to reproduce a simulation study.</b><br>Eventually, <i>Researcher 1 (GMT)</i> is able to transfer his late-breaking research results bundled into a COMBINE archive to <i>Researcher 2 (GMT+7).</i> <i>The Simulator </i>finally knows what to do, as there is now everything available and in the right place. It turns out that the model is valid and stupidity is going to cease!<br><br><br><b>Thanks</b><br>We would like to thank the whole Free Software Community, as most of the video was produced using Free Software! Special thanks to<br>* Debian GNU/Linux (debian.org)<br>* Cheese (wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Cheese)<br>* Flowblade (github.com/jliljebl/flowblade)<br>* Gimp (gimp.org)<br>* Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) for providing the music as CC:BY<br>