A D-Optimal Design for Estimation of Parameters of an Exponential-Linear Growth Curve of Nanostructures

2015-05-07T21:01:50Z (GMT) by Li Zhu Tirthankar Dasgupta Qiang Huang

We consider the problem of determining an optimal experimental design for estimation of parameters of a class of complex curves characterizing nanowire growth that is partially exponential and partially linear. Locally D-optimal designs for some of the models belonging to this class are obtained by using a geometric approach. Further, a Bayesian sequential algorithm is proposed for obtaining D-optimal designs for models with a closed-form solution, and for obtaining efficient designs in situations where theoretical results cannot be obtained. The advantages of the proposed algorithm over traditional approaches adopted in recently reported nanoexperiments are demonstrated using Monte Carlo simulations. The computer code implementing the sequential algorithm is available as supplementary materials.