AZ_MRC compounds with PubChem IDs and patent mappings

2014-02-03T21:26:01Z (GMT) by Christopher Southan

See updates below introduction

I have performed the same exercise as described for the NCATS 56 small molecules, Namely to 1) map the code name to a structure,  2) assign these to a PubChem CID and 3) search SureChemOpen for matches to early patent filings (details are given in blog link below)

Updates:  October:  InChIKey  for AZD1656 has been added to this descrition page  as a Google indexing an retrieval test   FJEJHJINOKKDCW-INIZCTEOSA-N

Sept 2012) InChIKey added as a new column in the Excell file for Google indexing and are now retrievable by searching the key in Google

Update Jan 2014:  Now at 58 structures from 78 codes










CC BY 4.0