ACTwatch Outlet Survey Files: Tanzania 2011 files

2017-06-05T16:06:44Z (GMT) by ACTwatch Group
<p>ACTwatch Tanzania 2011 files</p> <p>This collection contains the questionnaire, codebook, reference document and dataset (in Stata .dta format) for the Tanzania 2011 ACTwatch outlet survey.</p> <p>Started in 2008, ACTwatch was intended to fill evidence gaps related to malaria diagnostics, antimalarial medicines and fever case management in the private and public sectors. ACTwatch collected data to inform evidence-based malaria control policies and programmes. ACTwatch was a PSI research project in partnership with LSHTM.</p> <p>ACTwatch measured nationally representative surveys to all public and private health outlets within selected regions, across a total of 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Greater Mekong Sub-region and multiple years.</p> <p>Outlet Surveys monitored trends in the availability, volumes, and prices of antimalarials in the public and private sectors, which included the informal sector. All outlet types with the potential to sell antimalarials were included, from hospitals to private pharmacies to street hawkers.</p> <p>The collection and processing of these data provided sound evidence for country-specific policy recommendations. The use of standardized indicators allowed for broad trends to be identified and global policy recommendations to be implemented into policy and action.</p> <p>A guidance document containing comprehensive information on the ACTwatch project, design, questionnaires and data can be found by clicking on the reference link below.</p> <p>All potential data users are encouraged to review this document before analyzing any ACTwatch data.</p>