AAV-expressed serum mAb retains full neutralization activity.

(A) Standard neutralization regression analyses are shown for ITS01 (upper) and ITS06.02 (lower) from purified mAb (red, open circles) or sera from AAV injected rhesus macaques (blue, open squares) (n = 6). Neutralization of SIVsmE660 clones 2A5 (left) and A8 (right) for mAbs and sera (ITS01, week 24; ITS06.02, weeks 5–8) are overlaid. (B) EC50 (ng/ml) and (C) maximum neutralization (%) are listed for ITS01 and ITS06.02 purified or from transduced NHP sera. Antibodies in serum are derived from AAV injected animals at peak (week 4), set point (weeks 5–8) or long term (week 24) post AAV. EC50 are displayed in ng/ml with the following color coding: 10–90 Light Green; 1–9 Yellow. Maximum neutralization values are displayed as percent with the following color coding: 20–49.9% Yellow; 50–74.9% Light Orange; 75–94.9% Orange; 95–100% Red.