A) BAC1 and BAC2 cut with I showing the expected inserts and the 6

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Taken from "Recombining overlapping BACs into a single larger BAC"

BMC Biotechnology 2004;4():1-1.

Published online 6 Jan 2004


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8-kb vector fragments. BAC1LinkSp, BAC2LinkGm and BAC1-2 cut with I-I showing the 4.7-kb vector fragments and the expected inserts. B) BAC1LinkSp and BAC1-2 cut with I-I and I. The expected fragments of 4.7, 59, 101 and 161 kb are shown. The 160-kb fragment of BAC1LinkSp and the 220-kb fragment of BAC1-2 are due to partial digestion with I. C) Map of the subcloned BAC1LinkSp and BAC2LinkGm and the combined BAC1-2 showing the expected fragments for I and I-I double digestion. The sizes of the markers (M) are indicated to the left of each panel and the sizes of the BAC fragments are indicated to the right of each panel in parts A) and B).




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