7C Fortran

2013-11-20T12:08:14Z (GMT) by Helena Głąbska

traying to reproduce fig 7C from "A single column thalamocortical network model" (Traub et al 2005) on Fortran version of Traub model.


groucho_diff.txt - difference between the code and default groucho.f ( https://github.com/hglabska/Thalamocortical/blob/master/Fortran_ifc/groucho.f   commited on 22.10.2013), the rest of the code is the some.


figout.dat - rasterplot,


out.dat - data for rasterplot,


GROUCHO110... data from suppyrRS, suppyrFRB, tuftIB, spinystellate


2.voltage in soma in cell1

3.voltage in last compartment in cell1

4.voltage in 43 compartment in cell1

5. average voltage in somatas (within the population)

6. total AMPA conductance in cell 2

7. total NMDA conductance in cell 2

8. total GABA conductance in cell 2

9.voltage in soma in cell3

10.voltage in soma in cell4

except spinystllate:

11. field 1mm

12. field 2mm




CC BY 4.0