5 Year Photographic Study of Musicians in Motion: Still Photos Exposed For Several Seconds Using Time-Flow Techniques

2014-12-13T00:36:18Z (GMT) by Rick Doble
<p>Using the power of digital photographer, this interactive PowerPoint eBook for teachers, students and artists examines the depiction of motion in still photography. It is based in part on the innovative work of the Cubist painters (Picasso & Braque), the Italian Futurists, and in particular the photographs of Anton Bragaglia, a photographer associated with the Italian Futurist movement -- around 1900. A brief explanation of their work and ideas is included in an introduction. This interactive PowerPoint presentation concentrates on the movements of musicians, exposed over an extended period of time, in candid situations -- dubbed 'time flow' photography. The resulting imagery is similar to the goals of the Italian Futurists. In over 60 candid digital photographs taken over five years, this eBook presents photos of guitarists, violinists, singers, bass players and more. Teachers, students and schools may use this presentation in their work, if they want -- see the notice in the eBook.</p>