2nd year Drosophila Developmental Genetics practical

2016-02-23T06:49:29Z (GMT) by Andreas Prokop
<p>This is the teaching material for the <em>Drosophila</em> module of the Developmental Genetics RSM (research skills module) held at the Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester in 2014. This practical course runs over 6 days and is organised and supervised by Andreas Prokop. This module has been taught and optimised over a few years. Emphasis is given to:</p> <p><em>1) Drosophila</em> as a model system in research</p> <p>2) the use of fly genetics (transgenic approaches and mutations) in combination with histological techniques to study mechanisms of development</p> <p>3) transferable skills including how to design figures and their legends, how to compose laboratory protocols and how to file data securely</p> <p>This module also shows how practical work can be intercalated with exercises on applied fly genetics, thus filling gaps in experimental protocols with useful activities, enriching the learning outcome and enhancing the fundamental understanding of <em>Drosophila</em> as a model organism. An e-assessment has been developed and successfully applied to assess larger numbers of students for their skills in applied fly genetics. This assessment and its principal strategies have been published in the G3 journal (see 3rd link below).</p> <p>Please, submit any comments in the comment box below or contact me directly: Andreas.Prokop@manchester. ac.uk</p> <p>Note, that a Powerpoint presentation "Roote+Prokop-SupplMat-3.ppt" is required on this module. It can be accessed from the second link below. It is also directly linked out from the genetics manual.</p>