2,4,4,6-Tetrabromo-2,5-cyclohexadienone as an efficient reagent for phosphine-free electrophilic transformation of alcohols and epoxides

2016-01-11T09:17:02Z (GMT) by Aslan Khajeh-Kolaki Babak Mokhtari
<p>In this study, 2,4,4,6-tetrabromo-2,5-cyclohexadienone (TABCO) was prepared and used successfully as a stable phosphine-free reagent for the conversion of alcohols into alkyl thiocyanates and epoxides into 2-hydroxythiocyanates. The reactions seem to proceed <i>via in situ</i> generation of electrophilic sulfur species by reaction of NH<sub>4</sub>SCN and TABCO. This combined reagent worked well with both alcohols and epoxides in acetonitrile solvent and under solvent-free conditions.</p>