2014 07 22 VID00001 Enhanced Frames

2017-04-14T21:22:07Z (GMT) by John Kosinski
Segment of frames of VID00001 taken on 22 July 2014. Frames bracket the best single frame at VID00001 0 20 28-60. Frames are extracted using Cisco FlipShare software distributed with the Cisco Flip UltraHD 720p digital video recorder used to record the video. Frames are then enhanced using Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud as follows:
1) Image Size; Width 300%; Resolution: 300 per inch; With Scale Styles; With Constrain Proportions; Interpolation: preserve details; Noise: 100.
2) Save; As: PNG Format; Interlace: None; Filter: Adaptive; Compression: 9.

Project order 33a



CC BY 4.0