2016 Philippine vice-presidential elections precinct-level data

2016-05-26T18:24:56Z (GMT) by Christian Alis
This dataset contains clustered precinct-level data about the 2016 Philippine vice-presidential elections scraped from the official electoral commission (COMELEC) website, pilipinaselectionresults2016.com. The script used for scraping data is at https://github.com/ianalis/scraper2016 but the data for clustered precinct 67060001 was manually added because it did not follow the assumption of the script (it only transmitted results for VP, party lists and vice governor). The transmission timestamp is based on raw data, as of 12 May 2016 15:45, made available by NAMFREL (http://www.elections.org.ph/2016/results/raw-data.php). This dataset is recent as of 26 May 2016 18:00 UTC.

The fields contained in this dataset are:
* region
* province
* municipality
* barangay
* clustered_precinct
* cayetano
* escudero
* honasan
* marcos
* robredo
* trillanes
* registered_voters
* ballots_cast
* precincts
* polling_center
* timestamp

This dataset contains data from 90642 clustered precincts. However, the source website notes that there were 90655 election returns (ERs) received out of the 93754 ERs expected. The citizens' arms NAMFREL and PPCRV both expect data to come from 94276 clustered precincts. The discrepancies in the numbers of received and expected ERs are still unresolved.