2011 March Microtubule gliding speeds, kinesin-1 heavy-hydrogen and heavy-oxygen water

Microtubule gliding speeds on kinesin-1 glass surfaces, as a function of water isotope composition. Left: deuterium content from “regular water” to close rough 90% D. Right: Oxygen-18 content from “regular water” to about 80%. The bottom markers show the temperature. Each data point is result of mean of three different samples. Error bars, not quite correct yet. SJK:As of early March 2011 , we’re not sure how to interpret the data. We have noticed that the percent change in speed is very close to the percent change in viscosity for each of the two kinds of isotopic water (5% for O-18 and 23% for D2O0. The fact that both appear linear, starting at the origin, indicates that we are slowing one or more of the rate-limiting steps. For Andy’s gliding assay see:� http://www.openwetware.org/wiki/User:Andy_Maloney/Kinesin_%26_Microtubule_Page
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