2009 Elearning09 Presentation

2017-12-16T15:44:21Z (GMT) by Alexander Hayes Geoff Lubich
On December 7 - 8, 2009 the researcher attended as an industry representative of EDUPOV Pty Ltd the eLearning09 conference <a href="https://paperpile.com/c/85m769/2xhf">(Ridgway December 7-8, 2009)</a> held by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF) in Sydney, Australia. The researcher conducted workshops demonstrating the VIO POV <a href="https://paperpile.com/c/85m769/Jk18z">(Mil-Spec Monkey 2008)</a> helmet camera to representatives of the Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction and Transport (MECaT) teams from around Australia and showcased the Streamfolio application as a repository for data produced from POV body worn camera equipment.