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Desktop uploader

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The figshare desktop uploader allows quick and easy upload of your research outputs, straight from your desktop. You can upload many files at once and the uploader supports resumable uploads. This means if your internet connection drops, you don’t need to start the uploads again.

All files are uploaded into your private space on figshare, where you can chose whether to make them public or manage them privately.


figshare api logo

The figshare API allows you to push data to figshare, or pull data out. This first version is a basic implementation that allows you to manage your figshare account or build applications on top of the figshare platform and public research.

We will continue to develop the API and add new cool stuff based on user feedback.


Master badge
with stats

figshare badge style 5

260x80 -  Login required

figshare badge style 6

140x80 -  Login required

Compact badge
with combined stats

figshare badge style 4

260x25 -  Login required

figshare badge style 3

140x25 -  Login required

Typographic badge

figshare badge style 2

Login required

figshare badge style 1

Login required

figshare profile badges can be added to blogs, e-mails and websites as a quick and easy way to let people know who you are and what you do. There are several different designs and you can share your automatically updating real-time metrics on your research objects on figshare as you go.

To add them to a web page, simply click ‘get the code’ under the badge that you like the look of. A pop up will then provide you with the code to place anywhere on your webpages.


We appreciate all your comments, questions, suggestions or gratitude.


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