figshare helps academic institutions store,
share and manage all of their research outputs

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key benefits

  • Showcase the full spectrum of research carried out at your institution
  • Measure the impact of all of your institution's research outputs
  • Fast and simple implementation with no customization required
  • Eases the route to compliance with open data mandates
  • Light-touch, user-friendly workflows
  • Integrate into your CRIS, RIMS, institutional repository and archiving solution
  • Enhance the discoverability of your content by having it included in the figshare corpus
  • Control how content is shared internally and publically
  • Continually developing and innovating through partnerships with leading publishers and institutions
  • Dedicated support team
Figshare Benefits

key features

Reporting and statistics

Reporting and statistics

Showcase your institution's research with a customizable portal of all public research outputs:

  • Metrics on shares, views, downloads and citations on all research objects
  • View metrics at an object, researcher, department or institutional level
  • View workflow statuses, quota thresholds and usage statistics
  • Integrate statistics into your RIMS or CRIS

Data management

Data Management

Full control of your institution's research outputs with private storage, public storage and collaborative spaces:

  • Easy upload in browser or desktop
  • Organize files into projects
  • Customized metadata schemas
  • Controlled sharing with project spaces and private links

Data dissemination

Data Disemination

Showcase your institution's research with a customizable portal of all public research outputs:

  • Institution-branded figshare portal of all digital research outputs
  • Filter by department, category or file type
  • Rank content by most viewed, downloaded or shared
  • Statistics at object, department or institutional level

User group administration

Data Disemination

Manage the curation of files to be made public, control quotas and administer rights:

  • Check all files before they are made public
  • Assign storage quota to users, departments and projects
  • View usage statistics
  • Control permissions and access rights

What people are saying

on figshare

compositing orthorectified air photos to create a mosaic of the Nea Kameni and Palaea Kameni islands

creating the apparent angular motion of stars across the sky, due to their orbits around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy

The background figure: Proper motion by Adric Riedel in Galactic Astronomy

showing a gigantic, exceptionally complete Titanosaurian Sauropod Dinosaur from Southern Patagonia, Argentina

displaying Iceland scallops photographed with an AUV camera from the water surface

The background figure: Iceland scallops ... by Warsha Singh in Biological Sciences

questions and answers

What is the price of figshare for institutions based on?

The price depends on the research intensity of the institution, get in touch for a tailored quote.

Are you compliant with funder and legal requirements?

We allow a gated publication process to ensure any public facing research is compliant with institutional, funder and legal requirements.

Can figshare integrate with our institutional repository, CRIS and RIMS?

All research on figshare can be pushed to any institutional repository eg. Dspace, Eprints Fedora. We can also integrate with any RIMS or CRIS eg. Symplectic or Pure.

Do you support custom metadata?

Yes, you are able to add custom metadata fields at an institutional or department level.

Can the institution customize and brand the figshare portal?

Yes, there are elements of the figshare portal you can tailor to your institution's brand.

What different storage methods do you support?

figshare is hosted on Amazon Web Services but we can also integrate with centralized cloud solutions like RDSI or can integrate with local institutional storage.

Do you only support CC-BY, CC-0 and MIT licenses?

Whilst we encourage research to be disseminated with the most liberal license which will aid re-use, we understand that institutions like to offer their researchers a wide range of licensing options.

As a result the licenses offered by figshare for institutions can be customized per institution.

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