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figshare launches desktop uploader


Today sees the launch of the first figshare desktop uploader. The first release of the desktop uploader is a beta version and is only Windows supported, but versions for other operating systems will be coming soon.

It’s a very simple app that allows resumable uploads to your private ‘My Data’ section of figshare, where you can add some metadata and make your research outputs sharable, citable and discoverable, or keep it private. You can read more about the types of research outputs you can upload to figshare here.

The private section of figshare gives you 1GB of storage space at no cost, so that you can access your research outputs in a secure manner from any computer in the world.

The desktop uploader is a lightweight app that sits on your desktop and allows you to drag in your research outputs, where you can then track their progress as they are uploaded securely to the cloud. You can upload many files at once and the uploader supports resumable uploads. This means if your internet connection drops, you don’t need to start the uploads again.

This adds to the ever-growing collection of tools that you can use to help better manage your research outputs via figshare. You can read more about the desktop uploader features, as well as the figshare API and badges on the tools page.

As always, feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Please get in touch at or via twitter, facebook or google+.

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