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figshare announces partnership with Faculty of 1000’s new journal, F1000 Research


We are happy to announce our latest partnership with F1000’s innovative new journal F1000 Research. figshare will host the results in whatever format the author decides is most appropriate. This is translated back into the academic article on the F1000 Research site through an embeddable widget. The widgets will display the research object as the author intended, be it video, sets of images, spreadsheet data or any other file type.

By partnering with figshare, F1000 Research can host large volumes of content and display them in the web based journal in a manner that has not previously been explored. The author centric set-up of figshare which focuses on smaller publishing units also allows researchers to cite individual research objects within a article.

“We are delighted to work with figshare on this widget, which provides a much more user-friendly way of publishing datasets within articles than the usual URL or DOI. This enables the reader to preview all the available data before deciding whether to download what can be excessively large files“, said Rebecca Lawrence, Publisher, F1000 Research.

The ability of figshare to visualise research objects, such as datasets in the browser as well as providing detailed metrics on their use is very appealing to traditional publishers. This is the first collaboration between figshare and a publisher, but as the size and variety of research outputs continues to grow it is anticipated that publishers will be seeking out this enhanced content for their journals.

As a user, this means that for any publications you have in F1000 Research, you will be able to claim the research on figshare and get all of the metrics on your figshare profile!

If you represent a publisher and would like to hear more about our offerings for publishers, please get in touch at or via twitter, facebook or google+.

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