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Some highlights from the Open Science Summit 2012


The weekend before this year’s Open Access Week brought us the Third Annual Open Science Summit. As in previous years, the entire event was live streamed and the archived talks can be found here.

“The Open Science Summit unites researchers, life science industry professionals, students, patients and other stakeholders to discuss the future of collaborative science and innovation.

This, our third year, features in-depth sessions on new models for drug discovery and clinical trials, personal genomics, the patent system, the future of scientific publications, and more”.

Here is an overview of this year’s speakers.

Day one of this year’s event was live-blogged by William Gunn, Head of Academic Outreach at Mendeley. Here is the updated version of this year’s Programme. At the point of writing, most (if not all) of the talks from this years event have now been archived.

Open Access and the future of Science Communication

* Juan Pablo Alperin suggests: Open Access is often thought of as Western academic literature getting shared with the Global South. Why not learn from the Latin American open access movement, which focuses on improvements to research, rather than public access per se? What about promoting a global research culture?

* David Jay claims: Research scientists know how to act like a social movement, they are ready to change science communication, and projects like aim to support that.

Has Open Access Publishing Reached the Tipping Point?

Has Open Access Publishing Reached the Tipping Point? from Open Science Summit on

Open Access Publishing: Future of Scientific Peer Review

Open Access Publishing: Future of Scientific Peer Review from Open Science Summit on

Some highlights from Day Two

We now have a Storify (in part) here.

figshare were in attendance and gave a whirlwind overview of the background, current status and future direction of figshare.

Collaborative Innovation in Biopharma Research from Open Science Summit on

The event closed with:

Eric Valor and Ryan Bethencourt, “Guerilla” style biotech for ALS

Eric is an ALS patient who is an active Patient Advocate. From his blog:

I maintain a blog where I analyze research as a service to other Person(s) with ALS (PALS).
• I provide Information Technology advice to PALS to help them transition.
• I am part of a global "family" of PALS formed using social media.
• I am an active and aggressive advocate for awareness, creating and distributing multiple PSAs.
I encourage and participate in coverage by regular media.
• I consult with non-profit and privately-funded biotechs.
• I am a designer and participant in patient-driven drug trials.

This is the inspirational talk that he prepared in advance of the event, filmed at it on the day. Please spin forward to 47:40 :

Patient Empowerment and the Future of Clinical Trials from Open Science Summit on

Eric Valor said “Open Science is the future of discovery. New communications technology, built on open standards, allow unprecedented global collaboration. Data itself is no longer a commodity to be monetized, but rather a shared commons in which ideas can flourish. I am very proud to be included in this movement. It was my honor to present at OSS12 and am very grateful for the warm reception. Hopefully I can continue to help push Open Science into the mainstream for the benefit of all”.

As always, feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Please get in touch at or via twitter, facebook or google+.

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