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Promoting integrity in research publication


By creating an environment where users can make all of their research objects available in a citable, sharable and discoverable manner, figshare is offering a form of publication and dissemination of your research. Openness on data has another important aspect: the fight against scientific fraud. For this reason we have become a member of 'The Committee of Publication Ethics' - COPE, in order to adhere to the best guidelines for research publication and dissemination.

The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) was established in 1997 by a small group of medical journal editors in the UK but now has over 7000 members worldwide from all academic fields. Membership is open to editors of academic journals and others interested in publication ethics. Several major publishers (including Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Palgrave Macmillan and Wolters Kluwer) have signed up their journals as COPE members.

As always, feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas are welcomed at or via twitter, facebook or google+.

Comments (2)

  • It would be a nice idea if you attempt to make a platform were the researchers can share, develop and exchange the research thesis with others. In order to make this possible, Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) has been developed.

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    26/06/2014 10:30    by Casper Red

  • Sharing and discussing each other’s research details will be a good practice. Everyone will get new ideas and new ways to overcome their doubts. Fig share is doing a great job to combine these researches and providing them to the users. windows live help

    14/07/2014 11:37    by John Rambo

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