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FigShare and Digital Science


It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the FigShare is collaborating with Digital Science. Digital Science provides software and information to support researchers and research administrators in their everyday work, with the ultimate aim of making science more productive through the use of technology.

As part of this agreement, FigShare remains an open independent organisation and is in no part owned by Digital Science. The support from Digital Science will help FigShare develop and expand on it's current range of features in order to help scientist manage their data in an easily searchable, sharable and citable manner.

Here's what Timo Hannay, Managing Director has to say about FigShare and open science:

"We're delighted to welcome Mark to our team," said Timo Hannay, Managing Director of Digital Science. "As soon as we spoke with him about FigShare, it became apparent that this was a project worthy of our support, but also that a traditional commercial investment wouldn't have been appropriate. We look forward to working with Mark to learn about how best to enable openness in science, and to build FigShare into a central community resource."

The Digital Science team includes a wide range of highly skilled programmers, developers and scientists, all with the common goal of making life easier for researchers. Since the beta release in March, the rate of development has been limited by a lack of manpower. This collaborative effort means that FigShare can move faster towards the aim of becoming and essential tool for all researchers.

You can read more about this in the press release here. As always, feedback and comments are always welcome. You can leave comments here, or get in touch directly by e-mailing or @figshare on twitter.

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