Laurence Livermore

Laurence Livermore

Digital Analyst (Bioinformatics)

The Natural History Museum, London, UK

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I am a digital project manager with 5 years of experience at the Natural History Museum and specialise in digitisation, biodiversity informatics and data. I have a background in entomology and am a subject editor (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) for the Biodiversity Data Journal and Zootaxa. My current projects include: Project managing the development of the museum's standards and policy for mass digitisation; Managing the delivery of web-based rapid data entry applications; Compiling a report on the application of crowdsourcing technology in the GLAM sector. Previously I gave specialised training and support to a large (7,000+) international community of users as part of the EU-funded ViBRANT project and also eMonocot, a collaboration between RBG Kew, Oxford University and the Natural History Museum. Both projects were based on an open source Drupal-based content management system for biodiversity data (Scratchpads). I enjoy working with data, promoting open access and collaborating widely to solve digital challenges faced by similar organisations.

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