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Yokota, Rio; Barba, Lorena A. (2012): TreeDomain.pdf. figshare.
Retrieved 13:25, Nov 30, 2015 (GMT)


The multi-resolution nature of the hierarchical space division, with its associated tree, in the fast multipole method, FMM. The diagram shows a three-level hierarchical decomposition of a 2D domain.  Tree nodes corresponding to domain boxes are shown in corresponding color.

This figure appeared in the following paper, under (c) 2011 The Authors.

“A tuned and scalable fast multipole method as a preeminent algorithm for exascale systems”, Rio Yokota, L A Barba. Int. J. High-perf. Comput. (2011) Preprint arXiv:1106.2176 - doi:10.1177/1094342011429952

The figure is here shared under CC-BY.


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