The algorithm of individualization in physical education students

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Barybina, Liudmila (2012): The algorithm of individualization in physical education students. figshare.
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Authors Barybina L.N.
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
Lenin Avenue, 14, Kharkov, 61166, Ukraine
Abstract The algorithm of individualization of process of physical education is offered in higher educational establishment. Basis of algorithm is made by the physical, functional and psychophysiological features of students. In research took part 413 students (177 girls and 236 youths). The stages of algorithm of the author system of individualization of physical education of students are presented. It is set that youths (a type of sport is basketball and volleyball) have a similar structure of indexes of psycho-physiological possibilities, physical preparedness and progress. High meaningfulness of the computer programs which are instrumental in perfection of the system of physical education is set. Also the programs allow quickly and effectively to determine the psycho-physiological features of students. It is recommended to distribute students on sporting specializations in obedience to their individual features.
Key words student; individualization; physical; education; testing; sport; specialization;
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First page 20
Last page 24
Volume 6
Year 2012
doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.96562
Title of Journal Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov=Physical Education of Students
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