Publisher, be damned! From price gouging to the open road

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Steel, Graham (2014): Publisher, be damned! From price gouging to the open road. figshare.
Retrieved 17:14, Nov 27, 2015 (GMT)


The economics and organization of academic publishing have been the subject of much controversy recently within the UK and internationally. Both journalists (e.g.Monbiot, 2011) and academics (e.g. Gowers, 2012) have objected to publishers’ pricing practices and business models. The past few years have not only witnessed debate, but more energetic activity too. One publishing giant is currently boycotted by academics, and not for the first time. In a few instances, editorial boards have resigned en masse in protest at high subscription prices.

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  • The publisher referred to in the 'Controversy' section as being boycotted is, of course, Elsevier.

    05/06/2014    by S. Lawson

  • Correct S. Lawson !

    05/06/2014    by G. Steel

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