OpenPCR and Thermo PCR Sprint Thermal Cyclers testing

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Salvagno, Anthony (2012): OpenPCR and Thermo PCR Sprint Thermal Cyclers testing. figshare.
Retrieved 17:27, Jul 22, 2014 (GMT)


Included are both raw (*.txt) and manipulated (*.xls) data files. Images enclosed were taken from the excel data files. Each machine (OpenPCR and Thermo PCR Sprint) was run twice with a program designed to create PCR fragments of a custom plasmid called pALS (developed by the KochLab and ordered through DNA 2.0). One run was measured with a temperature probe in water, and the second run was measured with the temperature probe in mineral oil. The temperatures were recorded using software and equipment developed by TE Tech.

The PCR programs are as follows:

Thermo: Melt @ 95; Anneal @ 52; Extend @ 69

OpenPCR: Melt @ 93; Anneal @ 52; Extend @ 69

Notice that for PCR Sprint, programmed T does not match recorded T. OpenPCR programmed T is actually very close to recorded T.


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