Nutrient-dependent / pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution

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Kohl, James V. (2013): Nutrient-dependent / pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution. figshare.
Retrieved 00:16, Nov 26, 2015 (GMT)


(a mammalian model of thermodynamics and organism-level thermoregulation)

This model refutes a book-length revision of a theory: ‘Mutation-driven evolution’


Examples of nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions clarify the involvement of
seemingly futile thermodynamic control of intracellular and intermolecular
interactions, which result in de novo creation of olfactory receptor genes.
Thermodynamically controlled cycles of RNA transcription and protein degradation
are responsible for organism-level changes in pheromone production, which enable
accelerated changes in the miRNA/mRNA balance and thermoregulation of controlled
nutrient-dependent adaptive evolution.


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  • Cell proliferation in the subventricular zone by synthetic murine pheromones

    Excerpt: "It might be that these pheromones stimulate the neural circuit that stimulates GnRH-expressing neurons (Boehm et al., 2005) in both females and males."

    Excerpt: "The ability of pheromones to act via sex horomones to promote cell proliferation/neurogenesis is an area that merits further investigation."

    My comment: The ability of food odors and their metabolism to species-specific pheromones that epigenetically control GnRH release and the production of sex hormones that affect hormone-organized and hormone-organized behavior is exemplified in my mammalian model.

    20/08/2013    by J. Kohl

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