Gliding motility assay using 5.5mM D2O in solution.

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Maloney, Andy (2012): Gliding motility assay using 5.5mM D2O in solution. figshare.
Retrieved 09:05, Jul 30, 2014 (GMT)


  • This is a gliding motility assay using kinesin-1 and rhodamine labeled microtubules.
  • Images were taken with an Andor Luca EMCCD camera on an Olympus IX-71 microscope using a 60x 1.42NA PlanApo objective.
  • This is the first set in a series of images taken investigating speed variations of microtubules due to the inclusion of heavy water in the motility assay. Measured speeds in this fileset will be lower than reported in the publication due to the glass slide being brought up to the temperature of 32°C by the objective heater.
  • This assay contained 5528mM of D2O.

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