FTIR spectra DDW, DI D2O 2-22-2012

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haddad, alexandria; Salvagno, Anthony; Salvagno, Anthony (2012): FTIR spectra DDW, DI D2O 2-22-2012. figshare.
Retrieved 07:25, Jul 23, 2014 (GMT)


FTIR spectroscopy 2-22-2012:

Scanned three samples of DDW, each opened on a different date (9/6/2011, 1/17/2012, and 2/16/2012). We expected to see a difference because of possible atmospheric absorption of D2O. What we found was they were all pretty much the same.

Scanned the four types of DI water Anthony is currently using in his current DDW5 experiment (see link). The four types of DI water are: 1) DI from the Easypure RoDI (Thermohe) machine in our lab, CHTM's DI, Sigma molecular biology grade water, and Sigma double purified water. The results are surprising.

Scanned two samples of D2O one from a newly opened bottle (2/16/2012) and another from a much earlier opened bottle (11/1/2011).

See my blog for a complete discussion about the process and the results.


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