Enriching scholarly content with article-level discussion and metrics

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Adie, Euan; Roe, William (2013): Enriching scholarly content with article-level discussion and metrics. figshare.

Retrieved 10:22, Sep 04, 2015 (GMT)


Scholarly content is increasingly being discussed, shared, and bookmarked online by researchers. Altmetric is a start-up that focuses on tracking, collecting, and measuring this activity on behalf of publishers; here we describe our approach and general philosophy. Over the past year we have seen sharing and discussion activity around approximately 750,000 articles. The average number of articles shared each day grows by 5-10% a month. We look at examples of how people are interacting with papers online and at how publishers can collect and present the resulting data to deliver real value to their authors and readers.


Originally published in Learned Publishing. 



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