E. Coli Growth over 4 hours

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Salvagno, Anthony; haddad, alexandria (2012): E. Coli Growth over 4 hours. figshare.

Retrieved 22:28, Nov 30, 2015 (GMT)


In preparation for some deuterium effects on E. coli and S. cerevisiae, I grew a starter culture and diluted it in 3 different concentrations. 1:10, 1:5, and 1:2. These dilutions were then grown at 37C for 4 hours and an absorption measurement was taken every hour. This fileset contains the raw data and some played with data, along with some figures made in Excel from the data.

The file labeled "arb-ecoli-growth.png" is a figure made from manipulated data. I tried to combine the three data sets into one graph to see if I could extract some sort of growth information. I'm pretty sure I didn't do it right, but I included the image here nonetheless.

In the 1:10 dilution sample, the cells would double in slightly less than one hour, every hour. In the 1:2 dilution, the growth rate was much slower, and the growth rate seemed to peak rather early in the trial. The 1:5 dilution is an overlap of growths between both the 1:10 and 1:2 dilutions. I don't know what to make of that.

Also included in the fileset is an image of the absorbance spectrum from the nanodrop for every sample (including blanks taken every hour).


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