D2O Adapted Yeast Colony Morphology

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Salvagno, Anthony (2012): D2O Adapted Yeast Colony Morphology. figshare.
Retrieved 19:49, Jul 23, 2014 (GMT)


This fileset contains ALL the raw images and final composite images of yeast colonies grown on differing solid media. There were 4 samples in total:

D2O adapted yeast grown on D2O YPD agar.

D2O adapted yeast grown on normal (DI water) YPD agar.

WT yeast grown on D2O YPD agar.

WT yeast grown on normal YPD agar.

All yeast was grown at 30C for 24. Colonies of wt yeast on D2O YPD agar were not developed enough for analysis. The file "yeast-colony-comparison.png" contains the comparison of 4 samples. 2 colonies come from the same sample and exhibit slightly different morphologies. The images are 1um/px and were acquired at a magnification at 10x.



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